NAD C300

NAD's philosophy is simple, Fewer parts, better sound. meaning take away the frills and you can focus on the quality without jacking the price. If you think about it this idea makes a lot of sense, take a high end receiver, trim off the fat and you are left with high end sound at a mass market price. I mean if you have some Sony with 50,000 useless options retailing for the same price as this spartan NAD which product do you think contains the higher quality parts? No NAD product has captures these ideals better than the C300, what you get is not much more than volume, bass and treble controls, simple remote, no tuner, no display... no anything that would take money away from the parts that generate the sounds.


Although the 25watts per channel may seem low you have to remember that not all watts are created equal, these are high end watts measure at ultra low distortion, coupled with NAD's power envelope circutry which allows the receiver to dump several times more power to the speakers for brief periods when the music demands it. I have never felt a want for more power with the C300.
If you love simplicity as well as good clean sound the C300 (or pretty much any NAD product) should please you quite a bit.

Continuous power output [W]
Frequency Response [Hz]
Preamplifier Section Input Impedance
High Level Input Impedance
Phono preamp
Height x Width x Depth [mm]
Weight [kg]
2 x 25 at 8 Ohms
20 - 20000
Volume, Balance, Trable, Bass, Input selector
80 x 435 x 285
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