NAD 3020

NAD 3020 roots are dated back to '78 and '79, it quickly became the most famous and solid amplifier in the history of HiFi. It may be ugly and look cheap but components and configuration made it very famous for outstanding sound quality.

"NAD 3020 Integrated Amplifier

The Modest NAD 3020 might lack the star-power of the other amplifiers on our Most Significant lint, but significant it is by virtue of its tremendous influence over an entire generation of music lovers. For budget-minded listeners who cared about sound, the 3020 was the amplifier you bought instead of a mass-market receiver. The 3020 sold in unimaginable numbers - 1.1 million units (even more if you include variations on the basic circuit) - and in the process created tens or hundreds of thousands of dyed-in-th-wool audiophiles. Although not the last word in resolution or treble clarity, the 3020 rendered music with a warmth and engagement that was the perfect antidote to the bright, sterile, grainy budget electronics of the day. Moreover, the 3020 sounded more powerful then its 20WPC rating suggested, thanks to an innovative output stage designed for reproducing musical dynamics rather than impressing on the spec sheet. The Absolute Sound lists the 3020 as one of the top "Ten Most Significant Amplifiers Of All Time"

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You will be amazed how many people think the same.


Dont be fulled by the technical spec 20W per channel output... this amp can do more that you can imagine. It will produce full sound as if it was stage amplifier. Beautifull sound, gentle midds and heights Its unique construction and configuration.

Continuous power output [W]
Dynamic power [W]
Frequency Response [Hz]
Preamplifier Section Input Impedance
High Level Input Impedance
Phono preamp
Height x Width x Depth [mm]
Weight [kg]
20 at 8 Ohms
39 at 8 Ohms
20 - 20000
47 KOhm
Volume, Bass, Trable, Infrasonic filter
96 x 420 x 240
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