Marantz PM40

PM40SE is a reworked version of PM40 with more power (50W instead of 40W) and improvements in other key items in the specification, whilst leaving off the tone controls and switchable subspeaker connections. In appearance the PM-40SE closely resembles the taller and more powerful PM-SO. The rather plain front panel is even more sparse in terms of controls but is enlivened by a ""Special Edition"" label in gold lettering. A horizontal channel runs the full width of the panel and has five very tiny red LEDs set into it to show the status of the pushswitches below them, namely Power on/off, Source Direct (bypassing the balance and tape monitor controls and effectively producing a 'passive' preamplifier, with only the volume control coming between the source and the power amplifier stages), Tape 1, Tape 2 and Tape Copy l-to-2. Also below the line are the goldplated headphones socket, changeover switch for moving-magnet or movingcoil pickup cartridges, and balance. The only controls above the line are the rotary source selector for phono/ CD/tuner/auxiliary and the larger volume control with a scale indicating attenuation in decibels.


The sound is quite heavy, you will find it excellent with classic, jazz or any quiet music. It will produce nice atmosphere. Consider something bigger if you need power... this amp mey be to small.

Continuous power output [W]
Frequency Response [Hz]
Preamplifier Section Input Impedance
High Level Input Impedance
Phono preamp
Height x Width x Depth [mm]
Weight [kg]
2 x 54 at 8 Ohms
20 - 20000
47 Kohm
Volume, Balance, Input selector
118 x 420 x 280
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