Denon AVR2802

Denon AVR-2802 Digital Surround A/V receiver is a remarkable solution that has been engineered to provide superb surround-sound listening with home theater sources such as DVD, as well as providing outstanding high-fidelity reproduction of your favorite music sources. It features Dolby Pro Logic II decoding with Cinema and Music Modes and DTS Extended Surround Discrete 6.1 decoding. There are 9 analog inputs including built-in AM/FM tuner. Power amplifier assign function lets you assign 2 of the 6 amplifier's channels to drive second-zone speakers directly. Programmable/learning remote features TV, VCR, DVD codes from other manufacturers. It also boasts backlighting main function keys.
Denon's sterling reputation among home-theater cognoscenti is based on the superlative sound and build quality of its products. This example provest the teory. The 2802 is easily in the top rank of receivers that I have heard. About the design, outside it is a simple and beautifull champagne colour aluminium polished panel. Inside is a real beauty... a massive power transformer right behind the faceplate. This receiver's innards are jam-packed with circuit boards and quality parts that wouldn't be out of place in a high-end component.


Sound quality is amazing, clear, rich in details. The Men in Black DVD gave the 2802 plenty of opportunity to show off. Bass was rock solid and powerful--the Denon's 120 watts per channel felt distinctly more substantial than other receivers with similar power ratings. During the tunnel sequence where Tommy Lee Jones's and Will Smith's cruiser-cum-rocket-car blasts off, the Denon's prodigious output slammed me back into our BarcaLoungers with a vengeance.
This days you can buy such amp for little bit less than £100, that is a bargain for such a beauty and a beast.

Continuous power output [W]
Frequency Response [Hz]
Preamplifier Section Input Impedance
High Level Input Impedance
Phono preamp
Height x Width x Depth [mm]
Weight [kg]
AVR 2802
6 x 90 at 8 Ohms
20 - 20000
47 Kohm
Volume, Surround programs, Input
171 x 434 x 416
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