Bang & Olufsen Beovox 1702

Bang & Olufsen was and is my favourite brand, and it is not only the fact that they design fine looking audio equipment. They know how to design the speakers to sound as I like it and probably many others.
Beovox 1702 look simple but they have style. Heavy boxes are made of thick good quality chipboard. They are covered in natural veneer, very nice colour, with nice silver frame on the front panel and black grills. You will love it or hate it as it is specific kind of design.
This is two way system with small woofer (15cm) made by B&O and unusually looking tweeter (2.5cm) custom made by Philips. Years back Philips was known for manufacturing the best speaker drivers brand. Fortunately it is the one of them. Philips lost it over the years unfortunately but… there are others.


This part I like the most. Just don’t know if I will be able to express my feelings about this pair. There is so much to say and yet so little. You may find that they have a lack of base, so not for HipHop, Disco or Techno fans. That should not surprize considering their size. Don’t expect from such small fellows to puff dust from your floor.
Base is not everything. And this is the best part, rest of sound spectrum is excellent. I was shocked when I heard them first time. And I still am. The have such natural way of putting all things together, mids are clear, high frequencies don’t sting, sound stage is wide and deep. I love those speakers. After a while I found out that base is not that important… lack of it sounds nice for me… will it for other ?

Enclosure Type
Recommended Amp Output Power [W]
Nominal Impedance [Ohm]
Frequency range [Hz]
Spike mount
Recommended for listening room [sqm]
Height x Width x Depth [mm]
Weight [kg]
Beovox 1792
Natural Vineer
590 x 320 x 200
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