Fisher X-100
Fisher X-100, Fisher X100, tube amplifier
Hot Tube time machine

Preparations of the Fisher X-100

Fisher X-100 receiced new tubes: GZ34 by JJ Electronics, EL34 by Sovtech and 7274 from old geek stock.
Power transformer fried up on the first test so it got replaced with same size but fresh cousin from Poland.
Caps got replaced as the 30 years is enough for oldies.

I would like to introduce to you Mr Fisher X-100

Ladies and gentleman I introduce to you hot and heavy beast.

More than 15kg of hot steel!

That's wright, normal operating temperature in this case is approx 50degC. You won't need central heating.
This beast is producing so much heat that you could even boil water on its iron.

This is true class A and it means that lot of power is going wasted and the amp is inefficient when not used with full throttle.
All procedures related with configuration and warmup are time consuming but...
After music starts you forget about increase in electricity bills, waste of time and other issues. You will forgive everything because things that it can do are spectacular.

Tubes glow in orange colour and produce nice "warm" atmosphere. Almost as if you were sitting in your parents house by the fire place.
Music is magnificent.
On every record I found new sounds, like another dimension. Feels as if tubes have extra power and can reach deeper on every record than solid state amps. It does not matter that it has more than 30 years on the clock. It can outperform most of modern amps.
With Fisher I discovered that Hip hop music can be pleasant. Musical stage is wide and deep.

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