Goodmans Mezzo II standmount speakers


Goodmans is a brand not recognized these days, not many know that they use to produce some fine peace of audio equipment. Mezzo II is two way closed construction wrapped in solid wood covered in good looking natural veneer.
Grills are not removable unfortunately so it is not possible to show of in front of friends what preciozos you have. I had to unscrew rear panel to find out what is deep inside. To my great amusement Goodmans equipped this product in heavy altyrely, huge magnet on woofer, shielded tweeter with impressive construction tells that this is not a toy.
On the rear panel you will find knob allowing you to adjust the volume of tweeters. You can fiddle with it if your source is to bright.


Mezzo 2 are quite old speakers, but even though condition is amazingly good. Some small signs of dust or varnish cracks can be found on the front panel but it is nothing that you spot on the first instance.
Drivers are fully working, no cracking in the sound, perfect.


Mezzo offer a specific kind of sound. It is not something that you will love or hate. It is not bright, the sound is locked in the boxes sort of, but donít get me wrong, it is not that they donít have nice stereo image. Stereo image is very nice, the case is about trables, voices. They donít seem to dominate, backed little bit making room for mids. Base is reasonable, does not dominate rest of sound.

Enclosure Type
Recommended Amp Output Power [W]
Nominal Impedance [Ohm]
Frequency range [Hz]
Spike mount
Recommended for listening room [sqm]
Height x Width x Depth [mm]
Weight [kg]
Mezzo II
natural wood
500 x 280 x 220

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