I am a one man company with over 20 years of experience. What I learned I want to share with you. I am here to help and to guide you through conandrums of audio world.

Many out there (hi-fi shops) will try to to sell you not always what is best but what is most profitable to them.

I do not represent any manufacturer or brand and by having equal access to every one of them as well as access to second hand units I can help you in chosing the best solution for you.

Please contact me if you need advice on:

  • seting up audio/video system or modifying existing configuration
  • buying or selling hi-fi separates
  • custom connectors to link up your devices (gold plated and other options)
  • or if you have technical problem with configuring your system
  • I am here to help you in making right decision and find audio separates which will suit your needs